Remington SP69 Dual Foil and Cutter Pack

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Product Description

  • Replacement dual foil and cutter pack for Remington shavers
  • Fits models: MS2100, MS2200, MS2300, MS2290, MS2050, MS2390, MS2391, MS2392
  • Fits models: RS4400, RS4623, RS4843, RS4863, RS4883
  • Remington components
  • Restores total performance

To find your model number

On NEWER models, the model # is shown on the front of the shaver. 
Example: DA107, TA3070, TF700
After removing the head assembly of the Remington rotary shaver you can find the model # printed on the triangular top frame.

On OLDER models, the # is stamped into the bottom of the housing near the power cord socket.
The model # is often hard to read

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