Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements for Men, 3 Month Supply (180 tabs)

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Healthy hair grows in a continuous cyclic pattern. If the pattern is disturbed for any reason, such as dieting, stress or hormonal changes, then this can impact on the health of the hair. The hair is ‘fed’ by blood vessels at the base of the follicle which provide the nourishment it needs to grow. Hair thrives on a diet rich in specific proteins, vitamins and minerals. It’s also really important to ensure that the scalp is healthy, conditioned and nourished in order to create the ideal environment for healthy hair growth. Between starting to grow and falling out years later, each hair passes through four distinct growth stages: anagen, catogen, telegen and exogen. At any given stage each hair on your head is in a different phase of the hair growth cycle.

  • The Viviscal Hair Growth Programme supports healthy hair growth for thicker, fuller-looking hair as part of your daily hair care routine
  • Drug free, Viviscal Man hair supplements (1 month supply) are scientifically formulated to nourish the hair from within
  • Viviscal Man contains zinc, vitamin C, horsetail extract and flax seed and the exclusive marine protein complex AminoMar C
  • Recommended for use as part of the Viviscal 3 - step Hair Growth and Hair Care Programme. Step 1 Viviscal supplements, Step 2 Viviscal shampoo and conditioner, Step 3 Viviscal hair and scalp serum.

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